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Cotele Coeur de Boeu is the results of our efforts and of the hard work undertaken by our producers. In order to get the best quality of our products, our farmers pay special attention to its production, from the breeding to the harvest.

Thanks to them, our Cotele coeur de boeu has been able to get to our customers’ home, from farm to fork, always preserving the tradition and the natural flavour/taste of the tomato.


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The Cotele Coeur de Boeu is a traditional variety of tomato and it is recognizable for its big heart-shape size, his intense flavour and aroma. Easy to identify, Cotele coeur de boeu is riped under the sun, has thin skin and a delicious pulp almost without pips, taking an intense red colour when it is fully riped.



Almería is an optimal location because this variety of tomato needs high temperatures for its optimal development. In fact, it does not resist the freezes nor the cold.



It requires frequent and abundant watering.



It claims a demanding breeding ground and a dose of worm humus to provide all the nutrients needed by the plant.



It needs fertile, well worked and perfect drained ground.


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Hortícola Ikersa is a new agricultural company which counts on young motivated people who help us to grow daily, thanks to their dedication and commitment. We also have a wide experience in Almeria’s agriculture which makes us able to adapt to the customers needs.

We are proud of what we do. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to do our best in order to offer them a professional, committed and customized service; so as to provide the highest quality in our products.

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